Photos: Ten weirdest recent Denver Craigslist "Rants & Raves"

Love it when people can't keep their thoughts to themselves for one second longer and just have to spew? Then you'll love the Rants & Raves category on Denver Craigslist, which regularly features declarations that vacillate from sensible to downright loony. We picked and photo-illustrated ten of the weirdest from recent days, shared unedited -- just as they were posted. Experience free speech at its freest below. Number 10: Microwave mind control. (the future)

Photos: Ten weirdest recent Denver Craigslist "Rants & Raves"

By this method, any mood or behavioral set, can be conditioned into the target's brain. Intelligence agents keep a log of the victim's behavior to see if more intense 'treatment' is needed and as a guide for future mind control projects. It is alleged that by this method, UFO and conspiracy researchers, are routinely driven to commit suicide. having the excitation potential for suicide beamed into your brain day and night by microwave mind control weapons, soon resets the brain into a cycle of depression that spirals out of control ending in suicide.

I am a Targeted Individual and I am not going to sit back for gang stalking. If you are reading this and mean me harm I will report you to authorities of higher enlightenment, meaning Gods (Geothermal Oxidative Darmstadtium 110.)

Number 9: why are people who ride Rtd so weird?

Photos: Ten weirdest recent Denver Craigslist "Rants & Raves"
Photo by Sheila Burgess

Why are people such goofy weirdos who ride the buses? You call and make false allegations! Are you that retarted to lie? There are cameras and audio on the buses! You moran do you know how to read? You fool imbicile!!!!!!!!. I hope I see your fat ass on the street you wanna be a man you were born a girl you thing!!! Not a man quit trying to actlike one

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