Photos: Top ten movies filmed in Colorado

Our Melanie Asmar has been reporting about efforts to attract more moviemakers to Colorado -- and one great selling point is to check out the classics that have been partly filmed here over the years.

Below, count down our ten favorites, as culled from the flicks listed on the website, including vintage posters, the Colorado locations included and the film office's description of each. Check them out here.

Number 10: Thelma & Louise (1991)

Photos: Top ten movies filmed in Colorado

Filming Locations: Gateway, Bedrock

Colorado Film Office description: "In this film about friendship and loyalty, Louise (Susan Sarandon) and Thelma (Geena Davis) decide to take a road trip in order to escape from their dull and challenging lives. But when a man threatens to rape Thelma, Louise kills him, and before they know it, the pair find themselves being hunted by the police."

Number 9: WarGames (1983)

Photos: Top ten movies filmed in Colorado

Filming Location: Colorado Springs -- Cheyenne Mountain Complex

Colorado Film Office description: "A teenager, played by Matthew Broderick, is a computer game afficianado who accidentally taps into a top secret super-computer that controls the U.S nuclear arsenal. The teen becomes involved in a game between the United States and Russia that could lead to World War 3."

Continue to keep counting down our picks for the top ten movies filmed in Colorado.

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