Photos: Top ten work fashion mistakes during a heat wave

The hot weather still hasn't broken, and much as we'd like, most of us can't take off and visit one of our top ten Colorado places to stay cool in a heat wave -- because we have to work.

Fortunately, a lot of businesses in Colorado allow employees to dress casually and wear clothes that are appropriate to the weather during the summer. But outfits that are totally fine in 95 degree heat outdoors can cause issues in an office.

Here's our top ten work fashion don'ts in a heat wave.

Number 10: Visible nipples

Sheer fabrics: So breezy and comfy! But light weaves aren't great at masking body parts with minds of their own -- and nipples aren't the only examples. More on that later! Number 9: The dangers of bending over

The less cloth covering your lower half, the greater the chances of your posterior offering your co-workers a how-do-you-do. To put it another way, troubles with a plumber's crack don't only happen to plumbers. Continue for more of our top ten work fashion mistakes during a heat wave.

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