Photos: Which Shotgun Willie's strip club auction items sold for the most money?

Earlier this week, we told you about how legendary Glendale strip club Shotgun Willie's was auctioning off some of its unwanted items in the wake of its move to a brand new building right next door to the old one. The items up for bid included light-up dance stages complete with poles and knee pads, mirrors etched with the Shotgun Willie's logo, strobe lights, kitchen equipment, a black vinyl couch ringed with pink neon lights and one reportedly unused tampon dispenser.

So which items sold for the most money?

Hint: It wasn't the tampon dispenser, which was inexplicably bundled in with a five-foot round wooden table. The pair sold for $20.

Below, see photos of several of the items in the auction, as well as their description and the price that they sold for. The auction, which was hosted online by Roller Auctions, ended on Monday and the winners have until 4:15 p.m. today to claim their goods.

First up, the items we featured in our previous blog post:

Description, from the Roller Auctions website: 73" W x 37" H Wood Framed Back Lit Etched Glass Mirror (Slightly Cracked, Very Fragile)

Notes: Mirrors may be glued to walls, removal may damage these items. Refunds will not be given for items that are damaged or would be damaged during the removal process.

Winning Bid: $35.50

Description: Etched Shotgun Willies Mirror With Wood Frame, 78" W x 66" H

Winning Bid: $300

Description: Approximately (123) Assorted Size and Style Metal Lockers

Winning Bid: $105.99

Description: U-Shaped Vinyl Booth Section With Mirrored Surround and Leaded Glass

Winning Bid: $105.23

Description: Building Mounted Shotgun Willie's Neon Sign

Winning Bid: $750

Description: 8' Hexagon Shaped Glass Top Dance Stage With Pole, Knee Pads, Lights

Winning Bid: $16

Continue to see more items and their final auction price.

Next up is a collection of items we're calling "Bleach Not Included:"

Description: (6) Cushioned Fabric Arm Chairs

Winning Bid: $2.50

Description: (2) Wood Stall Doors (1-Damaged)

Winning Bid: $5

Description: (2) Fender Model 110-ELC Ceiling Mounted Speakers

Winning Bid: $105

Description: Women's and Men's Restroom Neon Signs

Winning Bid: $120

Description: 36" Gas Char Broiler

Winning Bid: $42.50

Description: (2) Boxes of New Urine Testing Kits

Winning Bid: $3.25

Continue for more items, including the most expensive.

Lastly, here are several items that sold for a good chunk of change, including the most expensive item -- which was not what you might expect from a strip club auction.

Description: 38" W x 58" H Wood Frame Back Lit Photo

Winning Bid: $65

Description: 10' W x 8' H Wood Gazebo

Winning Bid: $175

Description: 5-Head Stainless Steel Beer Tap Tower

Winning Bid: $164.99

Description: 10' Lighted Parking Lot Sign

Winning Bid: $330

Description: Grindmaster Model 875R Commercial Coffee Grinder, Unused

Winning Bid: $341.99

And the most expensive item was...

Description: Middle Atlantics Products AV Rack With (1) QSC PLX3402, (2) QSC PLX6302, (8) QSC PLX2502 and (1) QSC CX302V Power Amplifiers, Crestron CP2E Controller and Soundweb 3088 Processor

Winning Bid: $3,100

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