Pit-Bull-Ban Repeal in Aurora Loses Big, But Pit Lovers Vow to Fight On

In addition to statewide contests (including a squeaker of a governor's race), Election Day 2014 saw plenty of local initiatives on ballots, with one of the most interesting being Aurora's Proposition 2D, which would have repealed the city's longstanding prohibition on pit bulls. In the end, the measure lost handily, meaning the ban will continue -- but 2D proponents insist they've only begun to fight.

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Here's how ColoRADogs, the group backing 2D, described the proposal in a post shared prior to the election:
Measure 2D, in Aurora, Colorado, would effectively lift the ban of American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffies and English Staffy Bulls, and allow family pets to come home. While nothing can erase the lives lost due to breed discrimination, we are hopeful that the passage of 2D can open a dialogue with surrounding cities such as Denver. We believe it's time to address public safety by using breed neutral legislation to address reckless owners.
Pit-bull fans did their best to overcome the perception that the breed is inherently dangerous and combustible, as seen in this Westword video:

However, the voters of Aurora proved difficult to convince. This vote total graphic offered by ColoRADogs shows "no" votes predominating by more than a two-to-one margin:

The ColoRADogs text that accompanies these figures suggests a mix of frustration and resolve. It reads: "With only a few hundred voters in Douglas County, Aurora has decided it is not ready to evolve. The ban will stand for now. It is disappointing to be sure but a speed bump in the end. We are not done by a long stretch and we know you aren't either. This is not the end. It is a beginning." The most recent post-election item on the page offers additional perspective:
It's been a crazy ride. While disappointment is part of the game, it does not signal the end. 23,000 people voted NO to hysteria, NO to social disapproval and NO to discrimination. We know from our gig in LGBT issues that ugliness wins out for a time, but not forever.

We know our dogs and we will continue the narrative that is truthful, compassionate and seeks to increase public safety. You have ALL done a tremendous job representing.

So take a short rest, re-group and then get ready because we're just getting warmed up.

Keep on dancing advocates, keep on dancing.
Many comments from supporters are similarly upbeat. Here's a sampling:
The problem is that all the people with pitties that would vote for it, don't live in Aurora (well ... can't live) and therefore can't vote on the issue. You fought a great fight, I would feel super defeated, but you guys just keep on trucking! Respect!

Look at the BIG positive .. we all connected now.

Ridiculous ! Any dog can bite or attack! But the bully breed is discriminated because of people ruining this breed ! So unfair to the bully breed ! You all are in my thoughts !!! Don't back down for the fight for them they need us!!!!

We need to find new ways to educate the people who are reacting to media hype.

Never ever give up!!!!! One day this dream will become reality.

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