Unlucky Juan Ramirez.
Unlucky Juan Ramirez.

Police dog bites man at delicious-smelling taco stand instead of wanted suspect

You're a police dog, and you've worked up a terrific appetite. Who would you rather bite? A guy at a taco stand, which smells great, or a man with an outstanding sex-assault warrant.

Think outside the bun, Rover!

That's what happened to Juan Ramirez. He was attacked by an Aurora Police Department canine who was supposed to be helping to haul in Reginald Hawthorne, 21, at a nearby motel. Before he got hungry, that is.

A Channel 9 update of its original report says the dog has now been pulled off duty -- but before then, his attempt to take a bite out of crime missed the mark. See the 9News clip below:


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