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Maria Mosina is fluent in Russian, which isn't surprising, since she was born in Moscow and is a graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. But the ballerina, now in her eighth season with the Colorado Ballet, did need a little help with the relentless Pop Quiz questioning (typically conducted in semi-English), so she recruited a fellow member of the troupe to help explain her role as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker, that seasonal confection running through December 29 at the Denver Auditorium. Here is a loose transcription of the pas de deux of interviews:

Westword: Do you look forward to being the Sugar Plum?

Sugar Plum Fairy: Of course. [I] get very excited...and am much sweeter. In Russia, though, you dance the role of both Clara and the Sugar Plum. I thought of that as a little girl.

Does the Sugar Plum Fairy have any blame for the state of overweight American kids?

I don't think it's a Sugar Plum problem. I think it's more the fast food.

Would you consider changing into the Aerobics Fairy, just to be sure?

[There's a significant pause, followed by much Russian-sounding conversation.] Aerobics Fairy? That's an idea.

What is a sugar plum?

It's something that was the inspiration for Tchaikovsky, from a fairy tale that had a Sugar Plum Fairy.

Have you ever had one?


Do you do other forms of dance besides classical ballet?

Modern, contemporary. Also club dancing, but there's not much time for that now.

Do you ever go skiing in a real winter wonderland?

No, it's too dangerous.

I guess that's because it would also be cold dressed in a tutu?

Don't forget the tights.


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