Pop Quiz

1. Conifer native Trey Parker met future South Park partner Matt Stone:

A. Attending Evergreen High's homecoming dance. Both were wearing green dresses.

B. Working as a roadie for Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

C. Avoiding assignments at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

D. During a stint as a beer vendor at Mile High Stadium: Stone was attempting to streak, and Parker tackled him.

2. "Blame Canada," which Parker co-wrote with Marc Shaiman for South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, lost out as Best Original Song at the 2000 Academy Awards to:

A. Randy Newman's "When She Loved Me," from Toy Story 2.

B. "You'll Be in My Heart," by Phil Collins, from Tarzan.

C. Aimee Mann's "Save Me," from Magnolia.

D. Diane Warren's "Music of My Heart," from the movie of the same title.

3. Parker and Stone collaborated with this entertainment icon for the hundredth episode of South Park, which airs this week:

A. Barbra Streisand, for her insights into love.

B. Jerry Seinfeld, in a bit about atomic laundry hampers.

C. Norman Lear -- channeling the spirit of Archie Bunker.

D. The Dixie Chicks, spouting some red-hot Bush-bashing.

4. Which is not a piece of merchandise that can be purchased on the Comedy Central Web site?

A. Big Gay Al action figure.

B. Talking Butters as Professor Chaos.

C. Jesus and Satan plush pair.

D. Ass-Face Kenny.

5. In South Park's first Halloween episode, which ran in 1997, Kenny was killed by:

A. Bart Simpson.

B. A network censor running amok.

C. Focus on the Family's Delta Force.

D. The Mir Space Station.

6. South Park's notoriety has attracted some special guests, not including:

A. George Clooney as Sparky, Cartman's pink bandanna-wearing mutt.

B. Radiohead as Radiohead.

C. Jennifer Aniston as Mrs. Stevens.

D. Damon Wayans as the Assistant Chef.


1. C. The two film students bonded in Boulder, although Parker was later booted.

2. B. Collins won, but Parker turned heads in that dress of his.

3. C. The eighty-year-old Lear, famous for All in the Family, is on board for the season.

4. A. For some reason, there's no Al action figure. Go figure.

5. D. Mir killed Kenny, although he returned to die another day.

6. D. No Wayans would Damon be an assistant to Chef Isaac Hayes.


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