Pop Quiz

1. What first name placed first in the most mayoral elections in Denver?

A. John.

B. Charles.

C. William.

D. Quigg.

2. From the time Denver was incorporated until 1904, mayors served:

A. Until they were driven from office by hooting, drunken crowds of miners.

B. Two years.

C. A decade, or until they turned sixty.

D. Alternating terms depending on who controlled the state legislature and paid the biggest bribes.

3. When a young, once-ponytailed reformer made a run for office, detractors called the candidate and his supporters:

A. Feddy and the Dreamers.

B. The Little Engine Who Could.

C. The Hippie Hopeful and His Tribe.

D. A joke.

4. Denver's mayors have made lasting and significant...aw, forget it. How is the city's form of government officially described?

A. One for all and all for one.

B. Strong non-partisan mayor.

C. Giant and Lilliputians.

D. Executive elector.

5. What organization came to power in Colorado in the 1920s with the elections of Clarence Morely as governor and Ben Stapleton as mayor of Denver?

A. The Union Pacific Railroad brotherhood of locomotive engineers.

B. Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 1.

C. The Ku Klux Klan.

D. The Prohibition Party.

6. Lest we forget his legacy, what does Mayor Wellington E. Webb's middle initial stand for?

A. Ernest.

B. Nothing. It's just a letter.

C. Everyman.

D. Edward.


1. C. Four Williams and a Will have filled the mayoral bill. Tough luck, Mr. Hickenlooper.

2. B. Two years.

3. A. Feddy and the Dreamers was the label affixed to future mayor Federico Peña and company.

4. B. "Strong, nonpartisan mayor" is the official, if vague, description.

5. C. Klansmen ruled in one of the sorriest chapters in state history.

6. D. Our first African-American mayor (take that, Ben Stapleton) went to the Ed of the class.


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