Pop Quiz

1. When Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown criticized colleague Kathleen MacKenzie for missing the April 21 council vote supporting U.S. troops in Iraq, he said all but one of the following:

A. "Maybe [she] doesn't support our troops."

B. "War is not junior high."

C. "Chatting and eating cookies is fine and all, but sometimes you have to turn up the heat in the oven."

D. That MacKenzie, who opposed the war, was "hiding" from a vote.

2. Brown-bashers responded to his criticism of MacKenzie with all of these retorts except which one?

A. "You hear Charlie attack me and it makes me wonder how rational he is, because that's not healthy."

B. "Charlie takes it too personally."

C. "Really, the name recognition for Charlie Brown comes from a Peanuts character."

D. "Next thing you know, he'll have a dog named Snoopy -- and back the spy files."

3. Incumbents aren't the only ones fussing. Mayoral wannabes John Hickenlooper and Ari Zavaras were said to have argued over negative campaigning:

A. During the seventh-inning stretch at a Rockies game.

B. While touring the new Lariat Loop byway in Hickenlooper's custom Cooper.

C. Over flaming saganaki at Pete's Kitchen.

D. In a men's room.

4. During a debate, cyclin' Susan Casey dissed frontrunner Hickenlooper by saying:

A. "He's high on something if he thinks small change will solve the budget woes."

B. "John makes it sound like all you do is hire 63 [appointees] and then you can rest."

C. "Really. Hickenlooper. Think about it."

D. "Maybe as mayor of AmeriTowne. But not Denver."

5. Still-hopeful candidate Penfield Tate criticized auditor/would-be mayor Don Mares for:

A. Campaigning on city time.

B. Misrepresenting his Hispanic heritage.

C. Using clout to get better Broncos seats.

D. Cutting corners during the Cherry Creek Sneak.

6. And the Big Beef himself, the soon-to-be-term-limited Wellington Webb, got his own dig into Don by:

A. Wearing a button stating, "Audit the Auditor."

B. Cutting in line to get a second helping of cake at the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library festivities before Mares got his first piece.

C. Urging those at the library's grand opening ceremony to vote for Hickenlooper, Zavaras or Tate.

D. Quipping, "The old gray Mares ain't what he used to be."


1. C. Although Brown's been getting heat from a competitor in District 6, he stayed away from remarks about the kitchen.

2. D. No Snoopy or spy files for Brown.

3. D. It was John versus Ari in the john. Scary.

4. B. Casey thinks Hickenlooper may be relying too much on appointees and not enough on realities.

5. A. Tate berated Mares for double-duty campaigning.

6. C. The mayor urged folks to hop on the anyone-but-Mares slamwagon.


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