Pop Quiz

1. Maybe-mayor John Hickenlooper revealed that his name is Dutch for:

A. Able to leap medium-sized buildings in a single bound.

B. Grinder of grains, soaker of hops.

C. Hedge hopper.

D. Man of many pants.

2. Don Mares's last name appears in the Spanish phrase "Estaba sudando a mares" which translates to:

A. It's like swimming in the ocean.

B. He was sweating buckets.

C. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

D. Suddenly, they were lovers.

3. Ten-month-old radio yakker KNRC just changed frequencies, from AM 1510 to AM 1150. According to CEO Tim Brown, the reason for the switch came down to this:

A. Lower is luckier.

B. The power is in the tower.

C. Loose lips sink ships.

D. The louder the blab, the higher the tab.

4. While newspapers gushed over the brave saga of Aron Ralston, who cut off his arm to save himself, the Idaho Statesman apologized for which headline?

A. "With guts like this, who needs 2 arms?"

B. "Out on a limb, he cuts one off."

C. "No guts, no gory."

D. "Disarmament, Colorado style."

5. Last week, Republican congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave cast all but which of these votes?

A. She opposed a measure to give $15 billion in grants to fight AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

B. She favored a bill renewing the Individuals With Disabilities Act (IDEA), but with stiffer classroom discipline.

C. She voted against a measure curbing aerial maneuvers by cheerleaders.

D. She said yes to a bill promoting abstinence until marriage to combat AIDS.

6. When Democrats carped that Governor Bill Owens was MIA this legislative session, Senate Majority Leader Norma Anderson responded:

A. "The governor? That's a laugh. He's omniscient."

B. "Who cares what Democrats think? We squash them like bugs."

C. "Sure, he went to that baseball camp. Baseball is a lot like government: rhubarbs and hardball."

D. "He's very engaged. He called me into his office one day when he didn't like what I was doing."


1. C. "Hedge hopper," according to Long John.

2. B. And who can blame him?

3. B. The power is in the tower, Brown quipped when explaining the switch to the farther-reaching frequency.

4. A. "With guts like this, who needs 2 arms?"

5. C. No opposition to high-flying cheerleaders.

6. D. "He's very engaged," assured Anderson.


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