Pop Quiz

1. At the Cabrini Shrine on Lookout Mountain, hope springs eternal, even when the water slows to a trickle. According to tradition, Mother Cabrini discovered the spring in 1912 when she:

A. Fell to her knees in rapture and water gushed out of the ground before her.

B. Consulted a Cheyenne medicine man.

C. Poked a spot in the dirt with her cane.

D. Had a vision to drill at a specific spot.

2. To ensure that their supply of holy water lasts, nuns who run the site are planning:

A. An extended 24-hour fast and prayer service to make sure the Almighty doesn't shut off the spigot.

B. To construct a $250,000 pipeline that will deliver backup water.

C. A "wholly water" drive, during which sponsors can drop off bottled water for the reservoir.

D. To break out Mother Cabrini's cane to "dowse" for another spring.

3. The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are practical, too. Last year, they weathered the effects of drought by:

A. Recycling used holy water.

B. Cutting the "miracle" water portions from four-ounce to one-ounce jars.

C. Sending their habits out to a dry cleaner that donated its services.

D. Accepting a donation of 25,000 gallons of water from the LaFarge Co.

4. Prior to last year's shortage, the only time the flow was interrupted was:

A. In the fall of 1945, when Denver-area reservoirs were tapped for internment camps.

B. During 1993's World Youth Day, when the Coors brewery sent water to fill a reserve tank.

C. For several months in 1965, when construction of I-70 blocked the main aquifer.

D. In 1953, when Guy Fazzoli, a local plumber, attempted to siphon off the water for black-market purposes.

5. In 1946, what happened to Frances Xavier Cabrini?

A. She was canonized.

B. She (briefly) started a line of bottled water to fund missionary work.

C. She celebrated her hundredth birthday.

D. She was immortalized when the Cabrini-Green projects were built in Chicago.

6. Cultural bonus: A young Sally Field played Sister Bertrille in the late-'60s sitcom The Flying Nun. Which is not true?

A. Sister Bertrille weighed ninety pounds.

B. Thanks to her wing-shaped headgear, gusts of wind could lift the pint-sized nun off the ground.

C. Her convent was based in the mythical Colorado town of St. Genesee.

D. ABC producers managed to milk 83 episodes from this high concept between 1967 and 1970.


1. C. Cabrini jabbed a spot on the ground and water began to flow.

2. B. Administrators are hoping to build the backup within the next few years; a fundraiser is planned for next month.

3. D. The shrine got quenched with the LaFarge offering.

4. B. The crowds at World Youth Day almost drained the place.

5. A. Having died in 1917, she was finally canonized -- that is, declared a saint -- by the Roman Catholic Church.

6. C. No Colorado connection; the show was based at a Puerto Rican convent.


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