Pop Quiz

1. With a hot Fourth of July predicted, the Denver Health Department advises residents to do all but which of these?

A. Drink lots of fluids.

B. Ice your coffees.

C. Avoid hot and heavy meals.

D. Don't use your oven.

2. Which performer has made an explosive tradition of performing at Red Rocks on the Fourth?

A. Iggy Pop.

B. Marc "Bang a Gong" Bolan.

C. John Popper.

D. Black Cat Flame-O.

3. Budget-conscious Avon was going to scratch its fireworks fever for the Fourth, but reconsidered after:

A. A letter-writing campaign and lemonade fundraiser by cracker-crazed Cub Scout Pack 334.

B. Grumbling by local businesses that last year's drought fizzle made their profits drizzle.

C. An anonymous donor known only as "Smokey" sent a check for $10,000 to jumpstart the pyro tactics.

D. A sheriff's raid uncovered a cache of illegal fireworks, which will be used to supplement a laser show.

4. Special Dr. Quizinarian pet precaution: Which is recommended as a way to help your dog/cat survive the noise orgy?

1. A drop of mineral oil in each ear (of your pet) helps dampen the boom-booms.

2. Adjustable earmuffs are available for almost any size critters.

3. Deep-fur massages are effective stress reducers.

4. Offering a new squeak toy often diverts a nervous canine or feline.

5. Now that the state is safe for fireworks, traditional celebrations have a renewed luster. Creede's July 4 and 5 "Days of '92" feature all but which of these team-mining events?

A. Drilling.

B. Mucking.

C. Canary-watching.

D. Hand-steeling.

6. Historic bonus question: Which Colorado lake once featured fireworks on the Fourth?

A. Granby.

B. Nottingham.

C. Estes.

D. Evergreen.


1. B. No caffeinated beverages, please.

2. C. Popper and Blues Traveler banging again.

3. B. Businesses were bummed at the lack of bang for their buck.

4. A. A drop of mineral oil, according to the city's official Web site, www.denvergov.org.

5. C. No bird-watching.

6. D. Lake Evergreen is now fireworks-free in the summer. But New Year's Eve? Blammo!


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