Pop Quiz

1. The wait is over for new Nuggets guard Andre Miller. What's his official weight in kilograms on the NBA Web site?

A. 30.3

B. 90.7

C. 200

D. 149.85

2. As Colorado surges into the lead as the state with the most reported cases of West Nile virus, Liberty and Vector are at risk. What are they?

A. Top-rated horses at Arapahoe Park.

B. Air Force Academy raptors.

C. Code names for mosquito-abatement districts in cash-strapped Larimer County.

D. The last names of two Colorado Department of Wildlife officers who tested positive for the disease.

3. The University of Colorado's mascot, Chip, joined all but which of these heavyweights as a finalist for Mascot of the Year?

A. Goofus

B. Cocky

C. Hairy Dawg

D. Scratch

4. Why is Frontier Airlines is sweating the arrival of its new Airbus aircraft?

A. Manuals for the planes have been linked to terrorist-training camps in Libya.

B. The Airbus has suffered from chronic toilet leakage.

C. Passengers have complained that the Euro-designed system is uncomfortable for raw-boned Americans.

D. The Airbus 318's tail may be too tall to fit under a 42-foot-high DIA bridge.

5. According to the current Broncos roster, the heaviest player weighs what?

A. A hundred kilos more than Andre Miller.

B. 450 sod-busting pounds.

C. A svelte 338 pounds.

D. About as much as Jabba the Hut.

6. Cultural bonus: The odd yet critically acclaimed five-film Cremaster series, now showing at the Starz FilmCenter, is unusual because:

A. The director used scenes spliced from other movies.

B. No one says a word during the many hours of footage.

C. Cremaster 3 was the last of the five films released.

D. Viewers are given cardboard glasses with clear lenses that do nothing.


1. B. Miller weighs about 200 pounds, or 90.7 kilograms. With his $51 million contract, that works out to $562,000 per kilo!

2. B. They are raptors that may contract the disease.

3. A. No Goofus; the others are real mascots. Chip will have to wait until January to learn if he's top dog or fuzzy beast.

4. D. The tail may scrape the bridge. Engineers are trying to figure out just how much clearance there is.

5. C. Tackle George Foster is listed at 338 pounds.

6. C. The third incarnation was the last released by Matthew Barney.


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