Pop Quiz

1. Mob: Which is true about the "flash mob" phenomenon that has infected Denver?

A. It's run by anonymous folks with apparently unlimited free time and Internet access.

B. The concept was first postulated by Aspen free thinker Casimir "Caz" Bemiji.

C. A group of street buskers has called for a boycott, claiming flash mobs impede their trade.

D. State officials are studying an archaic law that has been on the books since 1889, designed to curb "lynch" mobs.

2. Snob: According to developers of a new planned community in Parker, one of these will be an attraction:

A. 24-hour disc-golf course.

B. Homes selling for $1 million.

C. An eco-zone featuring air-conditioned prairie-dog habitats.

D. A townhouse area dedicated to motorcyclists.

3. Job: Under terms of a failed deal with embattled Arapahoe County Clerk/Lothario Tracy Baker, a $325,000 lump sum would:

A. Just about cover a very long getaway to a Jamaican love nest.

B. Ensure the election of a Democrat to county-wide office.

C. Total about $570 for each of the reported 570 titillating e-mails Baker and his second-in-command exchanged.

D. Be money well spent.

4. Lob: Which is not being discussed by Landry's Restaurants Inc. as part of a makeover of Colorado's Ocean Journey?

A. The showing of movie clips from such educational fare as Jaws.

B. A mini-train ride.

C. The Lobster Mobster zone, in which outfitted employees stage underwater gun battles.

D. A restaurant serving Shipwreck nachos.

5. Cob: Olathe, which just completed its annual corn fest, began producing corn because:

A. A wild hybrid developed along the rail lines from grain-car spillage.

B. A team of CSU ag students started an experimental plot in 1968 there, and the crop proved so successful that the group quit school to farm.

C. After trying for years, eccentric millionaire and corn-lover Jeb Olathe successfully raised his first crop in the 1920s.

D. Barley and beets took a nosedive in the 1970s.


1. A. The folks who plan these insist on anonymity -- sort of like the Democratic Party.

2. B. Million-dollar homes will help burnish the Parker viewshed.

3. B. Mysteriously, the amount offered is $570 for each of 570 e-mails. Go figger.

4. C. No Lobster Mobster zone is planned. Yet.

5. D. Cash-friendly corn beat the dead beets.


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