Pop Quiz

1. According to the most recent batch of bee stings from the Colorado Department of Labor, the state has lost how many non-farm jobs since July 2002?

A. A heck of a lot.

B. More than you can shake a stick at.

C. A ton.

D. 15,100, give or take.

2. Part one of a tricky two-parter: Based on recent occupational-wage surveys, the most common job category in Colorado is:

A. Janitors and cleaners, except maids and housekeeping cleaners.

B. Cashiers.

C. Retail salespersons.

D. Laborers and freight, stock and material movers, hand.

3. Part dos: What is the average hourly wage of the correct category above?

A. $5.75 plus tips.

B. $10, plus all you can steal.

C. $11.07.

D. Cost of living, plus a buck.

4. How the other half lives: Of the top wage-earners, who's cruising fastest in the Mercedes?

A. Chief executives.

B. Dentists.

C. Judges, magistrate judges and magistrates.

D. Surgeons.

5. Despite losing a total of 4,300 jobs in the past two months, which supersector has actually added 2.5 percent more jobs over its total at this time last year?

A. Leisure and hospitality.

B. Mosquito and pest abatement.

C. Debt-collection agencies.

D. Construction, hard-hat wearing and sign-holding.

6. Cultural bonus: Although down, Colorado's movie industry is not out. John Sayles's Silver City, set for filming here this month, is expected to employ all but which of these actors?

A. Chris Cooper.

B. Daryl Hannah.

C. Robert Redford.

D. Denis Leary.


1. D. Well, heck, everyone knows there are 15,100 fewer jobs. After all, Mike Hampton and his posse are gone.

2. C. Retail salespersons. Can you supersize that, please?

3. C. And be thankful.

4. D. Surgeons topped the list. Who says playing with sharp objects is bad?

5. A. Leisure and hospitality has been growing, despite this recent dip. Waiter!

6. C. No Bob on board.


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