Pop Quiz

1. Yeah, September 11 is an unfortunate date: You have to wait another whole day until Denver's Oktoberfest begins! Then you can don your dirndls and hosen and get schlap happy. Which entertainer is not scheduled to perform in Larimer Square this year?

A. Steve Rock und seine Tanzkapelle.

B. The Helmut Fricker Show.

C. Arnold and the Terminators.

D. The Austrian Connection.

2. Bring das Tums! What delicacy won't be offered to Oktoberfest visitors?

A. Katze spaetzle.

B. Kraut burger.

C. Schnitzel sandwich.

D. Curry wurst on a stick.

3. According to the official Web site for Denver's Oktoberfest, this year's two-weekend event offers more than a hundred chances to do what?

A. Spew brew.

B. The chicken dance.

C. Sound an alpenhorn.

D. Grok a glockenspiel.

4. Teams will compete for the Ludwig Cup. For whom is the cup named?

A. Ludwig Larimer, an early Denver settler who made a fortune installing pay toilets.

B. Ludwig van Duck, beloved cartoon character.

C. Ludwig Kronkenhaus, the first football coach at North High.

D. Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria, who liked beer and castles.

5. Now in its 34th year, how large has Denver's brat-and-hopalooza become?

A. The biggest in the country.

B. The grossest in North America.

C. The second largest in America.

D. That depends on how massive your hangover is.

6. Cultural bonus: The Larimer Arts Association, the nonprofit that organizes the fest, partners with all but which of these groups?

A. Museo de las Américas.

B. Edelweiss Volkstangruppe.

C. Koleen's Clogdancing Circle.

D. Schuplatters Performers.


1. C. Okay, the Terminators won't be there, but Arnold's Austrian connection is real.

2. A. Katze spaetzle, which would be a delicious dish of kitty and noodles.

3. B. Sharpen your elbows and get ready to do the chicken.

4. D. The Mad King got Oktoberfest rolling a long time ago.

5. C. It's the second-largest brewhaha, promoters claim. Watch out, Crawford, Texas: We're a-comin'.

6. C. Koleen's Clogdancing hasn't been officially recognized. Yet.


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