Pop Quiz

1. Sad to say, but the Elmer Fudds among us almost missed the chance to (wegawwy) bwast which cwitter to smithereens?

A. Snapping turtles.

B. Wyoming ground squirrels.

C. Sage grouse.

D. Cottontail wabbits.

2. Ready, aim...take that, peacenik! According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife Web site, this is said of the mourning dove:

A. The only good dove is a dead dove.

B. More shotgun shells are expended on them than any other game bird.

C. Hiding by telephone poles increases your chances of bagging one.

D. Their population swells by 70 percent between fall and spring.

3. According to game regulations, in most cases, a "fully feathered wing or head must be attached to all birds" in transit to a hunter's home. This appendage counts as an exception:

A. A prairie chicken's beak.

B. A wild turkey's wattle.

C. A band-tailed pigeon's tail.

D. A pheasant's foot with a visible spur.

4. Hawking (not the kind done by scalpers) in Colorado is subjected to all but which of these limits?

A. Apprentices can hunt with only one raptor.

B. No more than two raptors per hunter may be used at any time.

C. Only small arms may be used to supplement hawks.

D. Hawking is prohibited on public roads.

5. If you are bobcat hunting, make sure you don't shoot a lynx! You can tell them apart (sorta) by all but which of these signs?

A. The tip of a lynx tail is black; the underside is white on a bobcat.

B. The lynx has tawny belly fur; a bob's is white.

C. A lynx makes a mewing call; a bobcat howls.

D. The ear tufts of a lynx are more than an inch long.

6. Cultural bonus: The otter, namesake of the Otter Pops (popular among some sleepless segments), got this honor recently:

A. The Colorado Wildlife Commission "downlisted" the river otter from endangered to threatened.

B. Governor Bill Owens proclaimed 2004 "the year of the otter."

C. The otter was chosen as the mascot for the new Denver women's fast-pitch softball team.

D. It was voted "cutest" creature at the Denver Zoo in a poll of DPS first-graders.


1. C. Dagnabbit! That wascally sage grouse has only a one-week season, which ends September 19. All others are still sitting ducks.

2. B. With some 500 million of the birds airborne, they're the number-one target.

3. D. The pheasant's foot can be substituted.

4. C. Nope, can't use firearms when you've got your killer bird loose.

5. C. Forget listening to them. Concentrate on tufts, underbellies and tips of tails. Now, isn't that easy?

6. A. Congratulations, all! The otter is now only threatened -- a mark that it's coming back. Got a hankering? Stick to Otter Pops.


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