Pop Quiz

1. The town of Eagle has prepared a helpful guide for media types covering Kobe Bryant's next court appearance -- but the Quizmeister has even more helpful information. For example, $6.95 buys you this at the renowned Grand Avenue Grill:

A. A Grand Avenue Burger.

B. A slab o' ribs.

C. A veggie burger.

D. A Castle Peak burger (Swiss, everyone?).

2. Party hounds who want to entertain 140 or so of their friends between interviews can reserve the Brush Creek Pavilion. But be warned -- if you don't clean up properly, you could:

A. Be charged $75 per hour for cleaning services.

B. Find your driver's license posted on the online community billboard. (It's not Johns TV, but still...)

C. Be fined twice the amount of the deposit.

D. Be required to perform community service at the town compost heap.

3. Speaking of which, if you want to take a batch of grass clippings (or shredded drafts of your Kobe coverage) to the compost heap, you'd go to:

A. That little ditch over yonder.

B. The green bin behind the Eagle Pharmacy.

C. The wastewater-treatment plant on Violet Lane, at the west end of town.

D. The Grand Avenue Grill (you think those veggie burgers aren't popular?).

4. Which of these recreational activities is not available for distinguished media guests?

A. Ice skating at the Eagle ice rink.

B. Swimming at the Eagle pool.

C. Watching flicks at Eagle's four-screen cinema.

D. Shooting hoops in Eagle's rec-center gym (unofficially known as Bryant's Pad).

5. If you needed to escape from the bustle of Eagle, a town of 3,200 residents, you could grab a beer in Vail's Kaltenberg Castle. What was it before it became a bier stube?

A. The town garage.

B. The base of the Lionshead gondola.

C. Henry Kissinger's summer home.

D. The Gerald Ford Foot Clinic.

6. Cultural bonus: BK (Before Kobe), Eagle had other celeb moments. Which was not a high-profile event in the Eagle County seat?

A. The 1997 mystery crash of an Air Force A-10 Warthog, whose pilot flew 800 miles off course.

B. The trial of ex-Georgetown mayor Koleen Brooks.

C. Frequent, unannounced lunch visits by then-vice president J. Danforth Quayle.

D. The trial of skier Nathan Hall, who collided with another skier at Vail.


1. C. The famed veggie burger costs under $7.

2. A. Have fun, but if you don't clean up, you're forking out $75 per hour.

3. C. Head to Violet Lane. It's quite peaceful.

4. D. No gym -- yet. But if sales-tax revenues from trial visitors keep flowing, it could be a slam dunk.

5. B. The brewpub is in the old Lionshead gondola.

6. C. Veep Quayle went to Minturn's country club.


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