Pop Quiz

1. With Kobe's image unraveling, Quizlanders need new heroes to look up to. As Fleetwood Mac, in town last week, once sang:

A. "I am no better, and neither are you."

B. "Heroes are hard to find."

C. "When you wish upon a star."

D. "Sunshine on my shoulder."

2. Carmelo Anthony's Nuggets career seems off to a promising start. What other new Nug made his pre-season debut on October 9?

A. Jeff Trepagnier.

B. Yuta Tabuse.

C. Mark Pope.

D. Eric Washington.

3. Jake Plummer's speedy recovery from injuries could be credited to:

A. Use of an old Greek herb, Sufalidides, which athletes rubbed on before contests.

B.The diligence of Steve Antonopulos, longtime Bronco trainer.

C. His passion for eating one gyros sandwich daily after practice.

D. His recitation of the words of Socrates: To the enlightened, all tests are welcomed.

4. Governor Owens, as yet unrecalled, spoke out strongly at a recent governing conference, asking:

A. "How hard can it be to actually breed mice?"

B. "Who says a monorail to Vail is crazy?"

C. "You think there are any parallels between me and Gray Davis?"

D. "Is there anyone who really trusts a tree?"

5. The cover of the third "Vail Undressed Legends and Celebrities" features:

A. Adventure skier Chris Anthony.

B. Elite snowboarder Megan Pischke.

C. Former Vail owner George Gillette.

D. Bachelorette Trista Rehn and her fiancé, Vail firefighter Ryan Sutter.

6. Cultural bonus: A new, self-proclaimed superhero has emerged. Who is it?

A. Kilgore Trout, who randomly restocks mountain streams.

B. Q-Dude, a barbecue aficionado who's been passing out free samples of barbecued elk.

C. Angle-Grinder Man, who cuts Denver boots off of cars.

D. Heaven's Angel, who leaves bags of jellybeans on the doorsteps.


1. B. The then-Mac crooned "Heroes Are So Hard to Find" on its 1974 album of the same name.

2. B. Yuta, from Japan, also stepped onto the hardcourt for the first time.

3. B: Anton has been patching up Broncos for years.

4. A. Owens suggested that a state facility could raise the Preble's jumping meadow mouse.

5. D. Rehn and Sutter are in love -- and on the cover.

6. C. The masked Angle-Grinder Man saws off London's version of the dreaded boot, striking back at government oppressors by liberating cars. Would he care to visit the Mile High City?


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