Pop Quiz

1. Kroenke Sports Enterprises is gobbling up venues around town and proposing new ones. What's Stan's big plan?

A. A privately funded NASCAR track.

B. Kroenke Kastle, complete with competitive jousting.

C. A soccer stadium designed for the now-Kroenke-owned Rapids.

D. L'Stanala, an opera house based on Milan's L'Scala, in which "competitive" singing will ring.

2. What significance does the year 2040 have for the National Western Complex?

A. That's the year that all city-owned structures at the National Western Complex will become National Western property.

B. Officials believe that's the year that the bonds for National Western's $30 million upgrade will be retired.

C. It's the sesquicentennial of the National Western Stock Show.

D. It's the first available January slot at the complex's Hall of Education.

3. The National Western Complex has hosted many unique events. Which is not listed as one of its customers?

A. The World Meat Congress Western Night.

B. A Microsoft gathering with Penn & Teller.

C. Summit of the Eight "Tribute to American Music."

D. The National Harmonica Society's "Blow Off."

4. The Denver Coliseum, which got its facelift in time for the 96th National Western Stock Show in 2002, had which of these amenities added beforehand?

A. Electronic mousetraps.

B. A glow-in-the-dark section and row markers.

C. Extra sound baffles on walls facing I-70.

D. Removable bootjacks.

5. Last November, Denver voters agreed to save the nearly century-old Auditorium Theatre. What was not originally part of the building at 14th and Curtis streets?

A. A 12,000-seat venue.

B. Velvet panels.

C. Italian Renaissance-style molding.

D. Elevators to the balcony.

6. Cultural bonus: Denver Neighborhood Inspection Services manager Tom Kennedy says any parking lot near Invesco Field not displaying an official special-event parking sign is:

A. "A real deal."

B. "Very likely a scam."

C. "Non-existent."

D. "Okay, because those [Broncos] neighbors can use the extra income."


1. C. Stan and the Kroenke-ites hope to have something built by 2006. No site has been selected yet, but Coors Field might be vacant by then.

2. A. Under current agreements, title to various city structures will pass to the National Western organization that year.

3. D. No "Blow Off" at the complex.

4. B. The Coliseum has a glow from the glow-in-the-dark tags.

5. D. Elevators were a later addition (and will be upgraded in the $75 million makeover of the rechristened Newton Auditorium, slated to open in 2005).

6. B. Scammy, leaving customers subject to possible ticketing.


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