Pop Quiz

1. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell and Representative Mark Udall are both trying to restore millions of dollars in federal funding to a Boulder space-research center. Use your telescope to identify which activity the Space Environment Center contributed this past fiscal year:

A. It conducted the "Space Weather Week" conference.

B. It funded a prototype high-altitude kite.

C. It held a cookoff involving Tang recipes.

D. It sponsored a competition for superball bouncing.

2. Under Governor Bill Owens's proposed budget, critics worry that tobacco-settlement monies will no longer pay for what?

A. Colorado tourism billboards.

B. Anti-smoking efforts.

C. Aerobics classes for state patrol officers.

D. The "Weed-to-Seed" reforestation program.

3. The governor and his posse are headed to the U.K. and Poland for some trade shmoozing. Which one of these dignitaries is Owens scheduled to meet with?

A. Honorable Conan Doyle IV of Creepdowndun Uppings.

B. Prime Minister Tony Blair's cousin, Blair Blair.

C. The Lord Sainsbury of Turville.

D. Foreign Minister Jack Straw.

4. Owens will be there when this Colorado-made product is rolled out in England:

A. StorageTek's new hype-scanner modem.

B. Invesco's new pre-programmed money minder.

C. The complete line of EAS fitness products.

D. Coors Light.

5. To tackle Colorado's budget crunch, a legislative committee is proposing:

A. A tax on bake sales (with Girl Scout cookies exempted).

B. Tax credits for advertising agencies that contribute catchy jingles for TV.

C. Colorado's first-ever constitutional convention.

D. An Adopt-a-Legislator program, in which lawmakers will wear tiny pins showing who's sponsoring whom.

6. Cultural bonus: For the first time in his eight-year NBA career, the Nuggets' Marcus Camby is:

A. Undergoing laser removal of tattoos.

B. A team captain.

C. Sharing his Coolio tapes with another teammate: Carmelo Anthony.

D. Selling his own line of designer clothes: It Camby Cool.


1. A. Space is the place for weather.

2. B. Critics are fired up over the possible end of anti-smoking efforts.

3. C. Lord Whatsit of Whoosit. Really.

4. D. Coors Light. Take that, Guinness.

5. C. A convention could tackle everything from Tabor to Gallagher -- and back again.

6. B. He's captain Marcus.


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