Pop Quiz

1. Embattled Arapahoe County Clerk Tracy Baker complained that he couldn't thoroughly review the petitions aimed at recalling him from office because:

A. He was only allowed to have two people working eight-hour shifts poring over the 37,000 signatures on the petition before filing his response on November 12.

B. The signatures were out of order.

C. Members of the assessor's staff were chuckling and pointing.

D. He suffers from migraines.

2. County Assessor Ed Bosier, defending himself against Baker's claims that the deck was stacked against him, said that:

A. Even Republicans want Baker booted.

B. As assessor, he was merely following the law.

C. All's fair in love and politics.

D. The public wants to end the "soap opera."

3. Baker says he did what to help prepare his protest filing?

A. Had a petition-busting "bee" over the weekend.

B. Provided round-the-clock pizza and coffee.

C. Hired several speed-readers.

D. Bought two small copiers.

4. Baker described the more-than-year-long controversy over his love life as:

A. "A shitstorm."

B. "A nightmare on Prince Street."

C. "A personal vendetta."

D. "An example of why people don't go into public service."

5. On October 23, an appeals court ruled what regarding the 622 Baker e-mails?

A. That they were "saucy."

B. That it was nobody's business, period.

C. That, while odd, they were protected as free speech.

D. That a lot of them should be released by the Arapahoe County District Court.

6. Cultural bonus: On the official State of California Web site this week, which topic is listed as "new" for recalled Governor Gray Davis?

A. Resources for teaching tolerance.

B. A benefits summary for an ousted governor.

C. The essay "Why I really did do a good job (no matter what you think)."

D. Davis's healthy workout tips.


1. A. Only two were allowed.

2. B. Just the law, says Bosier.

3. D. Baker bought copiers.

4. C. Baker says he has not stooped to the level of his foes, who have been motivated by a personal vendetta.

5. D. The district court should release them.

6. A. Tolerance is a topic.


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