Pop Quiz

1. The Adams County sheriff has taken an interest in some open-space areas because:

A. Teen drag racers have been using the back roads for competitions.

B. Gay men have been cruising there, looking for companionship.

C. Marijuana crops have been discovered on the land.

D. It helps the sheriff find balance in a hurly-burly world.

2. The number 19 has new significance for Kobe Bryant. Which of the following is not true?

A. KB learned last week that December 19 is the date of the next scheduled court hearing in his sex-assault charges.

B. December 19 is the date the Lakers play the Nuggets.

C. Bryant scored 19 points the night before his November 13 appearance in Eagle County.

D. Bryant invoked the Fifth Amendment 19 times last week.

3. Broncos fullback Mike Anderson, suspended for four games after testing positive for marijuana again, is expected to lose what?

A. The respect of his teammates.

B. His military pension from the Marines.

C. His status as a "Read to Lead" participant for the NFL.

D. Four games' worth of his $1.35 million base salary, or $317,647.

4. Governor Bill Owens faced off against former Illinois governor George Ryan last week on what topic?

A. The rights of Western states to siphon off Great Lakes water.

B. The death penalty, which Owens supports.

C. Coors Light versus Bud Light.

D. The Rockies versus the Cubs.

5. Cultural bonus: The upcoming holiday lighting in downtown Denver will boast how many twinkly bulbs?

A. Too many to count.

B. None, since organizers are using a new "light rope" technique developed at the University of Colorado as a bulb alternative.

C. Half a million, give or take a burnout.

D. It will start with 100,000, then add 100,000 every day for twelve days -- or until Xcel cuts off the power.


1. B. Sheriff's deputies have been arresting those responsible for cruising.

2. D. No Fifth Amendment: Kobe didn't speak in court.

3. D. The pot violation is expected to set Anderson back more than $300,000.

4. B. Owens argued against Ryan, who voided the death penalty in Illinois.

5. C. Some 500,000 lights will blaze on Larimer Street, at Union Station and along the 16th Street Mall.


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