Pop Quiz

1. Which words did the Colorado Supreme Court NOT use when rejecting last year's GOP-friendly legislative map scribbled by the General Assembly?

A. "Unprecedented power."

B. "Abhorring such a transfer."

C. "Res ipso loquitur (The thing speaks for itself.)"

D. "Having failed."

2. Clinton Portis helped keep the Broncos' possibilities open last Sunday. What does his last name mean in Latin?

A. Ox.

B. Gate.

C. Port.

D. He who runs with the inflated pig's bladder.

3. The Colorado Department of Transportation has a new toll-road division. What's its formal name?

A. The Colorado Tolling Enterprise (CTE).

B. The Division Underwriting People's Expressways (DUPE).

C. The Greater Regional Collection Agency for Vehicular Expansion (GRCAVE).

D. It has not yet been named.

4. Cultural bonus: On Sunday, 300 whats will appear in Larimer Square?

A. Meter maids, determined to issue tickets to holiday scofflaws.

B. Nutcrackers, courtesy of the Denver Public Schools artreach program.

C. Relatives of Mayor John Hickenlooper, in what's billed as "Merry Hickmas 2003."

D. Tubas, with players attached.


1. C. The court issued no Latin ipsos, but plenty of other harsh words for lawmakers slow on the draw.

2. B. Porta (with a form, portis): gate. And the Portis swung open for him to run wild over the Raiders.

3. A. Simple and sweet: That's the Colorado Tolling Enterprise. Ka-ching!

4. D. Tubas in the 28th annual Tubafest. Blorp!


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