Pop Quiz

1. During last year's State of the State address, Governor Owens asked the Divine Being to bless all but which of these?

A. You.

B. Colorado.

C. Ken Salazar.

D. America.

2. Cribbing from an op-ed piece he wrote in 1990 for the Rocky Mountain News, Owens said this in last year's speech to the General Assembly:

A. "Man does not live by bread -- or Rocky Ford watermelons -- alone."

B. "We cannot afford not to build the prisons Colorado felons so clearly deserve."

C. "Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to spare."

D. "Our duty is to the law-abiding, not the law-breaking."

3. The night before delivering the State of the State '04, Owens is expected to:

A. Visit the Coors brewery to make sure state water is being put to good use.

B. Watch the entire Terminator series.

C. Make final edits on his speech.

D. Read Socrates with an eye toward his favorite quote: "To the enlightened, all tests are welcomed."

4. A columnist for Scotland's national newspaper recently compared Owens to:

A. Waldo, a fanciful cartoon character who so blends into his surroundings that it's a challenge to pick him out of the background.

B. Tony Blair, for his steadfast support of President Bush.

C. Gray Davis. Say no more.

D. Bill Clinton, given his "hunger for knowledge" paired with ambition.

5. Cultural bonus: The proud holder of a master's degree in public administration from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, Owens is an expert on:

A. The affairs of Lyndon Johnson.

B. Soviet affairs.

C. State fairs.

D. L'Affaire Dreyfus.


1. C. The governor did not count Salazar among his blessings.

2. B. Owens referenced the quality suites being constructed for felons.

3. C. Final edits. He might, for example, want to trim anything resembling this sentence from last year: "While one party may possess the levers of power, one party does not possess a monopoly on good ideas."

4. D. Owens is "like Clinton, a politician who seems too big for the politics of his home state."

5. B. Soviet affairs, and he likes to lecture on them. Take the case of Olga and Dimitri...


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