Pop Quiz

1. Ted, United Airlines' low-cost sibling, is set for takeoff next month from Denver International Airport. What can't you find now on its cutesy Web site?

A. Electronic refrigerator magnets of states that Ted will be flying to.

B. A digital coloring book.

C. A list of famous Teds, searchable by birthday.

D. A boingy, bouncing Ted ball.

2. In an attempt to make itself more user-friendly, Ted's site offers a Spanish translation. What phrase appears there?

A. "M´s barato, por favor!"

B. "Nuestro nuevo servicio de bajo costo, ya listo para la venta."

C. "Gracias, el Presidente Bush."

D. "Aun una ardilla ciega agarra una nuez de vez en cuando!"

3. Fighting flier with flier, JetBlue has announced it will add a low-priced Cowtown-to-Beantown route. Aside from price, JB has all but which of the following inducements on its horizon?

A. Crunch-fitness in-flight yoga-instruction cards.

B. Two pay-per-view movie channels.

C. Foamy "blue" balls for nervous passengers to squeeze.

D. Satellite radio with more than a hundred channels.

4. Ted alert! Allegiant will reportedly add a fifth Vegas departure every week from this once-sleepy site:

A. Fort Collins/Loveland Airport.

B. Aspen International Airport and Pilates Salon.

C. Pueblo Regional Transpo Hub (formerly Greyhound Depot).

D. Montrose Municipal/White Hen.

5. Cultural bonus: To showcase a new DIA runway last summer:

A. A Denver Grand Prix driver took several high-speed laps along the 16,000-foot lane.

B. A barbershop quartet crooned "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever."

C. John Elway threw one of his finned Vortex footballs -- with the DIA logo on it -- as far as he could.

D. A DIA manager teed off on a ball as cameras rolled for TV's Good Times Golf show.


1. C. No Ted list. Hey, the airline's just getting started!

2. B. "Nuestro nuevo servicio de bajo costo, ya listo para la venta." Roughly translated, that means: "Help! Buy cheap tickets to bail out a bankrupt carrier!"

3. C. No foamy balls so far. But give JetBlue time.

4. A. Fort Collins/Loveland (formerly referred to as Cowpiedia) has the low-cost carrier.

5. D. The guy whacked a golf ball for a segment set to air this spring.


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