Post: "Marshall may want out." You think?

Post: "Marshall may want out." You think? this morning is anchored by a story headlined, dramatically, "Marshall may want out." Huh. I wonder what makes them think that?

Was it the time Marshall requested a trade from the team?

Or maybe the time he sent a goodbye message on his web site?

Or perhaps the time he admitted he would show up just to get paid?

Yeah, there's nothing "may" about it: He wants out, and he's going to be a surly, smug bastard until he gets what he wants. Part of me wishes they'd just bench his ass and hope he chokes or slaps his way to another suspension; the odds can't be worse than 2-to-1 on that. But more likely the Broncos will be forced to move him, and will receive someone or something of less-than-equal value in return.

Unless, that is, you count all the St. Peter Points they would rack up, in which case it'd be a steal.

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