Pro-lifers can't escape the ink of Kenny Be

"Everybody Must Get Zoned," Kenny Be, January 21

Code Warriors

As a homeowner for thirty-plus years, I want to see the city enforce the code. They could generate revenue if they would put staff out on the streets on weekends (no overtime — change the work schedule). Collect fines for unauthorized garage sales and construction with no permit; find the property owners and fine them for all violations. I could easily supplement my retirement if they would send me out in Montbello on weekends.

Joan Williams




"Focus on the Super Bowl Ad," Kenny Be, February 4

Wow, Kenny BE (dead in a perfect world) making fun of pro-lifers! Who could've predicted that?

Gosh, keep the surprises coming!

C. Sean McManus


If only the actual Tim Tebow ad had been as interesting as Kenny BE's cartoon. I'd like to see Bossy Hog as a recurring character.

Susan Snyder


"Martial Law," Joel Warner, February 4

The War at Home

Thank you for the excellent "Martial Law." The folks at the Boulder Veterans Center have been dealing with the psychological damage of Vietnam and other military adventures for many years and have a wealth of knowledge on combat-induced PTSD. Hope to see more from you on this.

Benjamin E. Colkitt, III


Thank you for giving much-needed attention to our soldiers who are serving or have served in the two longest wars in U.S. history. There is no more front line in these wars, and many military personnel have been impacted. These soldiers give up their freedoms for us at home; they put the mission first, and we want to support them at Denver Family Institute. We reach out to soldiers and their families to find out what they struggle with and what they need; at, military families can learn more about the support available.

We thank you for your service.

Jim Thomas


I just want to say that this individual, Justin, is portraying the Army in a bad sense. First of all, I have been in eighteen years and have been deployed to combat five times. There was never a time that drinking alcohol was allowed on deployments. Sure, I have heard of soldiers sneaking alcohol, but if caught, they were disciplined. This Justin character must have been going against rules and regulations during deployment, just as he was driving drunk. He did it himself; the Army is not to blame. Justin just has no discipline, and, of course, never learned the Army values!


Posted at

This article completely forgets to mention that the State of Colorado Department of Human Services sought a federal grant for the program, brought everyone to the table in Colorado Springs, funds the project and continues to work hard in Denver to start a similar program. As the Denver chair of this program, I think it's completely irresponsible of the Westword editorial staff to not mention Laura Williams (the program manager) for her endless hours and hard work for getting this program going.

Shame on you.

Dan Warvi


Editor's note: Joel Warner will continue to report on efforts to open veterans courts around the state — and will be there if and when Denver's gets off the ground. For updates, go to the Latest Word blog at


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