Reader: America is home to a cult of murderers

"Sticks and Stones," Melanie Asmar, April 11

Holmie Run

America has a cult of murderers and murderer-sympathizers, as if the guns and bullets were not enough. Those who hide behind the Second Amendment, meant to promote freedom, need to get a life. Carli Richards is a hero.

Gene W. Edwards
Colorado Springs


James Holmes

How refreshing to learn that Carli Richards, unlike so many other victims of tragedies in America, doesn't feel she was "blessed" or "touched by an angel" because she survived the Aurora movie theater killings.

A rational atheist, she correctly understands that no supernatural being decided she should live while some others in the theater should die. It's hard to understand how anyone could imagine a truly loving and fair god who would pick and choose and "bless" like that.

Carli was lucky, although not as lucky as her boyfriend and others who escaped with no injuries. She also, properly, gives herself credit for using her head to get herself out of a bad situation as quickly as possible, no doubt at least in part because of her prior military training.

Great article, Melanie Asmar!

Carol Carpenter

I have to give my support to Carli! Not everyone would have the courage to stand up to knuckleheads posting ridiculous comments. If you are going to make a comment, sign your name to it. Your real name. Hiding behind some made-up name and spouting off is pure cowardice. Until you can stop being a coward when you criticize, be quiet!

Mark Lane
Posted at

"Uh-Oh, Pioneers!," Patricia Calhoun, April 4

Boone Companion

We live in the United States. Part of being an American is embracing everything that is America — and that is diversity. Diversity includes Native Americans. I know it's hard to believe, when most University of Denver students grew up in gated communities and went to private schools, but white America isn't the only America. The sooner you embrace it, the better — because it's only getting more diverse.

A. Santistevan
Posted at

Love Westword every week but might want to double-check facts about Steve Ells. Pretty sure he did not go to DU but was pretty brilliant nonetheless opening Chipotle. Steve went to CU-Boulder, then culinary school.

Jason Maybee

Editor's note: For more on DU's hunt for a new mascot, go to page 11.


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