Reader: An inglorious end to the year for Occupy Denver

Year in Review, December 29


Yesterday I happened upon Kelsey Whipple's print summary of her coverage of Occupy Denver. I've been a regular reader of it because it sets a nice balance of tone between the Denver Post, Occupy Denver's site and the Denver Police Department. I've found her blog to be insightful and humorous about the event known as OD.

I'm writing to applaud her work despite much hardship. I look forward to reading more.


Occupy Denver

Alex Teitz


In the Year in Review, you glossed over the shenanigans of the Occupy Denver protesters. A month after naming a dog as their leader, they ended up committing arson on their structures as they were being cleared out. OD protesters, who were claiming themselves as the primary advocates for the homeless, then disrupted a memorial service for the 136 homeless who had died in Denver the previous year. An inglorious end to their year.


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The 1 percent in your Hall of Shame? Get real! They pay half of all the taxes, employ millions and all have jobs — thereby contributing to the well-being of our nation. So you may not like a few of them? Get over it, silly. And don't let those "99% Occupy Everything'' idiots fool you. They do not represent 99 percent of anything or anyone. It is the 53 percent who are relevant: working, paying all the taxes and thereby helping support the other 47 percent...some of whom are working hard for minimum wage, some of whom are less fortunate and needing help, some of whom are bums, some welfare cheats, etc., etc. So fewer idiotic generalizations, please.

Being rich is the American dream. Capitalism has worked for ninety of the last 100 years (that is why this nation is so rich/powerful/successful), and socialism has failed every nation that has tried it: Russia, England, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, on and on. (Okay, perhaps the Scandinavians enjoy it — but there aren't enough of them for it to matter. Anyone wanna buy a Saab?)

So get over your Obama rhetoric drivel, work hard, pay your debts — no, not you, Barack, that is too much to hope for — and enjoy the fact that some of us drive Caddies. The people who work to build them like us. Why don't you?

Rich Boy


"Jammed!," Laura Shunk, December 15

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It will be a cold day in hell before I stand and wait for a table at that hippie dump on 13th and Pearl called Jelly's like I did a couple of months ago. I'm just too old for that. I'll stick to the senior's menu at Perkins, thank you.

Steve Schwartz


I like Jelly, too, but do you have to mention Snooze in the review? What does Jelly have to do with Snooze? And don't you all fawn over Snooze enough without mentioning them in another restaurant's review?

John England



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