Reader: Barack Obama isn't Kenyan, he's British -- and definitely not American-born

If President Barack Obama thought he'd squelch the birther movement once and for all by releasing his birth certificate, he was wrong.

Readers continue to post items like this one, which acknowledges that Obama isn't Kenyan, but argues that he's not American, either.

Dixt writes:

Not Correct! To become a U.S. President, one has to be a "natural born citizen" -- which means the "status" AT BIRTH is what counts (therefore, "natural BORN citizen"). America "accepted" Englands 1948 Act on citizenship---which applied to Obama AT HIS BIRTH, because of his Father being a "citizen of the Crown" -- in 1963 kenya won their independence from England, so Obama and his Father then became "Kenyan citizens." People on the left have been saying that since Pres. Obama DID NOT "renew" his Kenyan citizenship, then he was NOW a U.S. citizen. THIS IS FALSE! It's WHAT YOUR STATUS WAS "AT BIRTH"! Pres. Obama was a "British citizen AT BIRTH"!

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