Reader: Boulder cyclists are always pushing on the driver/biker line

Earlier this week, we shared the story of Boulder triathlete Richie Cunningham's alleged bike-rage incident.

The story drew comments from locals who have strong thoughts about the interaction between motorists and cyclists. Like this one.

Martin Koenigsberg writes:

Are Boulder bikers always pushing on the driver/biker line? Are they incredibly aggressive, self righteous and holier than thou? Yes yes and yes again. But it there any real virulent/violent backlash against them? Probably not. I think the odds are with plain old lack of knowledge or mistake much more. No matter how entitled or obnoxious they become -- we are proud of them and usually over-encourage them. Boulderians love their biking brethren and I've yet to see any serious angry response to the HUNDREDS of poor/illegal/dickheaded biking decisions I've seen in just two years here.... Maybe it does exist... but surely not in Boulder?

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