Reader: "Can't Wait to Move to Lalaland!"

"Continental Divided," July 31

State Secrets

I loved "Continental Divided." Unfortunately, it was all too true. Colorado is a beautiful state, but it's also very schizophrenic.
Heather Powell


Continental Divided

I am a resident of the Automan Empire, held hostage by kids and pets and responsibilities. The only pool I've seen this summer is the carpool. Can't wait to move to Lalaland!
Jo Morris

Very funny — been a long time since I enjoyed one of your posts. This was a good one. I'm a proud native of Coolerado!
Latifah Abdul'laah
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One of the best I've seen from Westword in a while.
Paul Brown
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Haha. I'm glad Westword finally took even shots at everyone. Love it!
Riley Noland
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Go, Noah Van Sciver!
Noah Parman
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Happy birthday to all of Colorado...
Phil Von Hake
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"Resting Place," Courtney Harrell, July 31

Farewell to a Friend

Thank you for the profile and heads-up about the passing of Dick Orleans. He was special not just in Estes Park. Those of us who worked at and ran Cafe Nepenthes on Market Street in the late '70s and early '80s remember how great it was to work Friday and Saturday nights to the music of the bands like Harmony Wheel, Sunday Ladies and the still-kicking Johnny Long and his blues band. Dick filled our stage and the room with energy to move to and serve to all by himself.

Really glad I journeyed to Estes Park to see one of Dick's outdoor performances in recent years and say hello. It was more Sting now than long, endlessly lyrical Bruce Springsteen, but still great to see him and talk afterwards. I joined his e-mail list, always planning to make it back up there, and deluged by so many e-mails, I didn't notice that his weekly listings of all the musical events around Estes stopped with his heart.
Michael Klahr

Years ago, every Friday night and many others, too, I had a friend: fed him, laughed and listened. Even with decades between, we had so very much in common. You will be missed, friend. I find solace knowing you're at peace. Thank you for all you gave.
Brittany Michelle
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