Reader: Carol Chambers is leaving office? Good riddance.

"Lethal Election," Alan Prendergast, October 18

The Hot Seat

From the law-enforcement community, good riddance, Carol Chambers. And we're happy to see your partner go, as well. Any one of these candidates will do so much better than what has been in office for years.

Brian Weiss
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Carol Chambers

Arapahoe County is cursed by the devil.

Travis Burns
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"Surprise!," Gretchen Kurtz, September 27

Turning the Tables

I am really liking what I am reading from Gretchen Kurtz. No getting up to speed necessary. Two thumbs up!

The sign of good writing — as shown in her review of Tables — is that it flows and is balanced with attention to both decor, service and food in appropriate amounts while somehow still seeming to make it all about the food.

A great review that will keep me coming back for more!

Yvonne Barcewski

"On a Roll," Sam Levin, October 11

Bike to the Future

There's a lot of to-do over the incidents that take place on the Cherry Creek Bike Path, but that is nothing compared to what it is like out on the streets of Cherry Creek North. I am terrified to bike there because cars simply do not stop at stop signs. Maybe one out of every ten consider a complete or near-complete stop. The rest blast on through, and I know one of these days I'm gonna get killed. I'm actually considering buying a car because I'm not ready to die yet.

I've seen plenty of bike idiots, too, but let's face it: When they hit you, it's not gonna hurt like a Land Rover will.

The rules of the road for cars and bikes are posted on the denvergov website.  They are fairly succinct and easy to understand. I hope that everyone will go out there and not only take a look at them, but also abide by them. Please don't kill me. Thanks!

Rick Steves

"It's a Mall World After All," Westword Staff, October 4

Blight to Light

A bit of really useless trivia: The Downtown Denver Partnership hosted a grand-opening party for the 16th Street Mall in a vacant upper level on the south end. The usual mixing, mingling, cocktails and snacks preceded brief speakers. At the appointed hour, TV personality Ed Greene and I threw the switch that was to officially light the mall's globe lamps for the first time...darkness and nervous laughter.

Moments later, we were told to try again...yeah and applause!

Bill Himmelmann


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