Reader: Cheap rent can come with a price -- like bad smells

"Raising a Stink," Melanie Asmar, December 20

Hog Heaven

Excellent coverage on the situation in RiNo. The NIMBY yuppies involved here remind me of folks who move in next to an airport and then begin complaining about the noise. They are like city people who move to an agricultural area and then begin complaining about the smell of farmers spreading fertilizer. They are the folks, and we all know them, who start gagging when someone 100 yards away lights up a smoke.

The only people involved here who have it right are the bikers and Kasel Associates Industries. To all the complainants, I'll state the obvious: This neighborhood is zoned for heavy industry. It is not a residential area. Just because zoning variances were granted does not give you the right to harass and push the industry out. The industry was there first.



We are also talking about 100 jobs here. The NIMBY yuppie interlopers who may wonder why our economy isn't recovering can be proud to know that they would wish for more unemployment to come to this area. That's what will happen if Kasel eventually can no longer afford to fight these people.

To the NIMBY yuppies: Open a gallery on Santa Fe or elsewhere. "Oh, but rent is cheap in RiNo" — but cheap rent can come with a price. Deal with it or move out.

Pat Desrosiers

The Purina plant is a welcome smell compared to the pig-ear plant. My first experience with the stench, I had considered calling 911 and reporting a dead body in one of the empty ruins of the 'hood. Needless to say, it's affected what I patronize. I can no longer go to the Walnut Room on days when the stench is in full bloom; it literally comes in through the air filters. I have a feeling the Populist will be the next victim.

As for the comments saying it's the fault of the people who moved there, they should realize that these areas of Denver are no longer "out of town" — just as LoDo is no longer a downtown ghetto, Brighton Boulevard is no longer home to a landfill and Stapleton is no longer far enough away to justify an airport that close to the city. Residential and commercial space in that area has been approved, and some of it has been there since before the pig ears began to roast. There's something to be said about being a good neighbor. Kasel should consider spending less money on lawsuits and more money on retrofitting his filtration system.

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Gee, you move into an area zoned nearby as heavy industrial — what do you expect it to smell like? Roses? This is the same reason that the industrial area of Commerce City stinks: It's an industrial area. Deal with it or move on out and find a bed of roses to move into.

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Instead of reading the entire six-page article, let me sum it up for everyone: Douchebags moved into an industrial neighborhood, complained about its side effects from being an industrial neighborhood, and douchebag industry owner is vindictive.

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