Chris & Evrod.
Chris & Evrod.

Reader: Chris Brown shouldn't still be defined by attack on Rihanna two years later

This week, CBS4 removed a photo from its website featuring new anchor Evrod Cassimy arm-in-arm with Chris Brown, the singer convicted of assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Our post on the subject has generated a wide variety of comments, including many defenses of Brown. Here's one example that focuses on redemption.

Shell517nj writes:

How petty can you get? Hear that, young people? You don't have a chance in society if you do something wrong. Something you regret everyday. There is no redeeming yourself whatsoever. As for Chris Brown, I believe in this young man. I believe everyone can do better than their worst day. I wish Chris all the best!

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