Reader: Colfax is endlessly fascinating

"Coolfax," Westword staff, May 23

Just the 'Fax, Man

Loved your story on Colfax! That street says Denver to me, and I'm always fascinated by what is happening on it. These days, although I'm sorry to see the old dives go, it looks like some really interesting projects are in the works. Many thanks for continuing to pay attention to Denver's longest street — with the most stories!

Jayne Parker



I was gonna say, isn't it the longest street in the country? Because if it's not, I've been lying to my out-of-town peeps.

Johnny Genova
Posted at

Interesting story. One other thing that should be mentioned is the latter-day phenomenon of calling the street "the 'Fax." That is appalling and must cease.

J.T. Colfax

Missing the good old East Colfax. There used be a Perkins on Colorado and Colfax. They closed that one down a long time ago, but it was such a dive, with so many strange people. And I loved their milkshakes.

Takuya Narao
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Colfax isn't nearly as weird as it used to be. They rounded up a bunch of the weirdest when Denver hosted the Democratic National Convention, and the hipsters moved in and took over. I miss the urine, crackheads and transvestites.

Ben Deco

Ask a Stoner, William Breathes, May 23

Rocky Mountain High

Thanks for the great set list, William! But you missed the obvious: When smoking pot, the best person to listen to is John Denver. Sitting 'round the campfire, and everybody's high — Rocky Mountain high!

Marcus Jones

Sleep is the ultimate! Anything stony and drony. Where have all you people been?

John Dalby
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While I understand why this column was added, it's not a suitable replacement for Savage Love. If you had to drop things, drop the dumb and often offensive Ask a Mexican and that stupid "comic" on the music page.

J.L. Benet
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Editor's note: We added Ask a Stoner, William Breathes's cannabis column, last fall, when the passage of Amendment 64 raised so many questions that deserved coverage. That was long before we eliminated Savage Love, a syndicated column that you can still read online at, the website of Dan Savage's hometown paper. As for that stupid "comic" on the music page, it's by Noah Van Sciver, the local cartoonist who curated our first annual Comics issue this week.


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