Reader: Colorado ski companies deserve better, Mother Nature!

"Tips Up," Colin Bane, January 26

Snow Job

Colin Bane's story made me eager to get out on the slopes. Too bad there wasn't any snow on them! Colorado companies deserve better, Mother Nature!

Jules Riley




Let's hear it for small business and American manufacturing. America needs more garage companies that will grow and hire! Corporate America ain't doin' shit.

Matt Egan

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Volant? Went from 150 pairs in 1989 to 52,000 pairs and tied with Volkl at No. 4 in the industry eleven years later — every pair was 100 percent handmade. Cost per unit in the United States was simply too much compared to the overseas manufacturing ($165 per pair compared to $52 per pair). Even with the lowest warranty rate/highest quality in the industry (and very, very deep investor pockets), there was no way to win/be viable long term.

I am sure the folks who used to take the ferry to Vashon, and the Boulderites who rode their bikes to Howard's place in Gunbarrel would also agree....

Name withheld on request

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Thought your story on the Colorado custom ski industry was very good.

Bobby Peoples

Brandon, Mississippi

Keeping it Colorado. Great job to all!

Matthew Cudmore

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"Mobbed!," Laura Shunk, January 19

Mob Mentality

Laura Shunk's review of Crimson Canary made it seem like the place to celebrate one of those big "O" birthdays that is anything but a celebration. I was expecting to anonymously and morosely lick my wounds at the food bar; instead, we were inspired to give the Licked Spoon Award to Justine's amazing amaretto-drizzled tiramisu that server Stephanie generously gifted having noticed me studying the salumi knife too intensely. And Lucas gets the Drained Glass Award for his Pisa Manhattan that anesthetized ten years away.

Between all three, they got me through the night. Grazie mille.

Laura does a great job.

Jude DeLorca


Letters, January 12

A Heated Denial

I can't just stand by and let Tom Rothrock throw Jason Sheehan under the bus like that. I've been reading Westword for nearly twenty years, and Sheehan is the finest writer to ever grace these pages.

Laura Shunk and Lori Midson are decent and enjoyable in moderation, like a nice piece of pound cake. Jason Sheehan is a side of Cajun gumbo with extra Tabasco.

Jon Melsness



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