Reader: Colorado's film industry needs support from the legislature

"The Reel West," Melanie Asmar, February 9

Reelity Bites

I just read the article about the new hopes to lure filmmakers to Colorado. I have many friends who are filmmakers; they live locally but film elsewhere because it just doesn't work fiscally to film here. Colorado has a thriving film infrastructure that needs support from the legislature and the people. I just don't think it will get more this year than last.

Alex Teitz




Increasing production of major films in Colorado might be an uphill battle. There is a backwards mentality of certain politicians with too much influence on public opinion. An article in the Wall Street Journal on October 29, 2010, included Denver's cowboy councilman Charlie Brown's response to being asked about "sci-fi film directors flocking here, space-travel researchers, and engineers hoping to pry the secrets of intergalactic technology from space visitors." Brown was quoted as saying, "That's not the kind of job we want to create." Who put Brown in charge of deciding what jobs "we" want to create? The article was actually about the ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. Sci-fi films and space travel research are both multinational, multibillion-dollar industries. The lion's share of major films in 2011 had a science-fiction theme, with most involving extraterrestrial visitors. The only major "cowboy" film of 2011 was Cowboys and Aliens!

Brown's inability to think outside the barn is not unique among Denver's political officials. Fortunately, legislators and communities outside of Denver are likely to have more vision when it comes to innovative job-creation opportunities. Strategies to bring more of Hollywood to Colorado is a vision worth pursuing in any way that can succeed.

Jeff Peckman


Why should movie production get special incentives? Make it cheaper for all businesses to operate in Colorado, then watch the economy roar.

Hugh Akston


Ask a Mexican, Gustavo Arellano, January 26

English Only

"The best you can do with your cousin is remind him that your grandparents came to this country to find a better life, not to talk trash about those less fortunate than them." How is expecting immigrants who choose to come here to speak the language of the country they adopted talking trash? There are other countries that people have come here from; you may be surprised to learn Mexico isn't the only one. The difference, however, is that those immigrants assimilate. And why shouldn't they? As I said, they chose to come here. Learn the language of the country you adopted; it's a sign of respect, something your people seem to be severely lacking.

Diane Garcia



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