Reader: Cops took all the parking near library so they could earn overtime re: Occupy Denver

The opinions keep coming for our Occupy Denver coverage.

Here's an interesting view about the costs involved in law-enforcement's approach to protesters, and how savings might be realized, from comments on Kelsey Whipple's post about weekend arrests.

Kcm2 writes:

I note that the charges are all about police power, not about ANY harm to property or people.

Denver cops enjoyed getting double time today. I was annoyed that there weren't any parking places at the library because there were: 7 police vans, 2 cruisers, two dogs and their handlers at about 4 pm. All for about 40-60 protestors with signs.

The press seems to report that "blah, blah costs the police force" as opposed to the police force is "spending" X amount. It is a choice the Mayor and Governor made to be confrontational, when any "misbehavior" could have been handled with citations.

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