Reader: Denver is a great bike city, but drivers here could learn from Portland

This week, Patricia Calhoun wrote about a good-natured competition between Denver and Portland for bike-city supremacy -- and Denver came out on top! But even though one reader who has experience cycling in both places loves D-Town, he thinks local drivers could learn from those in a certain Pacific Northwest locale.

KennyO writes:

I've biked both Portland, Denver and many big cities in the U.S.. Denver can't be beat when it comes to our urban trail system, which is extensive. Portland has some of the friendliest motorists that I've ever come across, yielding and using caution around bicyclists when on the road.

Denver drivers could learn a lot from Portland when it comes to having safe, positive interactions with bicyclists. Also, they have Voodoo Donuts when a carb fill is needed.

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