Reader: DU might as well make a marshmallow its mascot

"Boone and Bust," Off Limits, October 24

Who Was That Mascot Man?

I'm really pleased to see that the "student-led steering committee" at the University of Denver has spent so much time and energy on surveys and polls and finding a mascot that adequately represents the community.

These kids will make wonderful community organizers and politicians.
Melissa Dye

It is somewhat strange that the administration is avoiding this embarrassment by saying the mascot is a student-led initiative. Young people will always have changing values and ideas — that is what young people do. But it is up to the university to determine the longstanding traditions and values. There is nothing wrong with the Boone character as a mascot; the only thing that may be offensive is the Boone name. And that has little to do with Denver anyway.
Doug Hubka

As long as DU is nicknamed the Pioneers, a vast majority of alumni, fans and students will clamor for a mascot that looks like a pioneer. Messing with Boone has cost the university donations, season-ticket holders and revenue.
DG Goddard
Houston, Texas

Why is it all right to use "the Pioneers" as a name for University of Denver teams, but the figure of an actual pioneer — a frontiersman — can't represent the school? One would seem to be as offensive as the other. At this point, DU might as well just adopt the marshmallow as its mascot.

In an array of colors, of course.
Joe O'Brien

I hope that after the Washington Redskins played the Broncos, they had enough time to go to the roof at Boone's and drink to the statue of that mascot that was run out of town by other politically correct types — and spit on all those below who would have the football team change its historic name, too.
Randy Hanks

"Saving Jackson," Alan Prendergast, October 17

Straight to the Heart

Alan Prendergast's story on Jackson and the family that wants to save their child touched my heart. It was also inspirational to read about the network of people working with these "cardiac kids."

It was unusual to find such an uplifting article in Westword; please bring us more good news.
Leslie Post

I just read the story about the Holbrooks, "Saving Jackson." It was so well-written, I couldn't put it down! As a physician, I connected with the family and the patient in the piece.

Great work!
Sophia Meharena


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