Reader: Enough With the Lame A$$holes Trying to Ban Pot Businesses

Los Sueños cannabis farm in Pueblo County.
Los Sueños cannabis farm in Pueblo County.
Courtesy of Los Sueños

Thomas Mitchell's post about a Pueblo County petition calling for a ban on marijuana businesses generated a wide range of reactions.

But disbelief and anger were two of the most common.

The former responses noted the monetary benefits enjoyed by Pueblo County thanks to marijuana, including $1.63 million in net revenue in 2015 — with that amount expected to double this year.

As for the latter, the reasons for it are summed up well in the following commenter's take.

Samuel Walter writes:

The people of Pueblo County already had their say when more than 55% of them voted for A64. This is nothing but a desperate attempt to subvert the will of the people by the lame assholes who have been fighting a losing battle against legalization from day 1.

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