Reader: Fake veterans should be punished with real war experience

"Catch Him If You Can," Kelsey Whipple, July 26

Place Your Vets

Thanks for your coverage of Mr. Stolen Valor Himself. I'll bet I'm not the only veteran of military service (Vietnam, in my case) who finds this issue painful to read about, but one which nonetheless needs all the exposure it can get.

Frankly, I agree with Army Specialist Briggs:  If Strandlof and his ilk want to tell everyone that they've been blown up and had both knees replaced and a plate put in his head in Iraq, each of them should be "sent to Iraq and have both of his knees blown up and a plate put in his head.... I wish there was a way that the people who do those things could experience their lies."  


Stolen Valor

Yeah.  What he said.

Tom Beckett

Incredible work by Kelsey Whipple. I had heard about the Stolen Valor fraud, but I had no idea that he'd fooled other people.

Jill O'Neil

"Going to Extremes," Alan Prendergast, August 2

The Wheel Thing

Alan, thanks for taking us along with a true athlete. No millions, no major endorsements and, of course, no jerseys adorning every thug in the region.

I'm crippled and people are always trying to pat me on the back, but there's no way to realistically compare feats. Most major sports figures couldn't hang with this guy.

Nothing short of amazing, and a story well-written.

Tyler Hawkins

"Old Spiced," Jenn Wohletz, August 2

Red Alert!

Patsy's is a treasure! With other historic red-sauce restaurants disappearing from Denver, we should be sure to patronize these true originals.

Thanks for the reminder.

Lil Michaels

Can we stop with the history lessons already in these reviews lately? I find myself skimming down to get to the meat of the matter. Where is the editor on these? The writing is not bad, just too much about everything but the food. They need to eat more and research history less.

Yvonne Barcewski

This review jibes with my only experience there. The atmosphere was cozy and warm and the food was okay, but the selection, quality and value could not hold a candle to family-run Italian restaurants that dot the strip malls and street corners back East, like Mexican joints do here.

I had been meaning to get to Pagliacci's and see if they could match the East Coast Italian experience. Their menu seemed like it might, except on the value side, but I guess it doesn't matter...since they will be no more.

Scott W


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