Reader: Fast-Food Workers Who Want $15 Per Hour Are Clueless About Costs

Reader: Fast-Food Workers Who Want $15 Per Hour Are Clueless About Costs
Photo by Bryan MacCormack/Left In Focus courtesy of SEIU Local 105

Our recent post about rallies by Denver fast-food workers calling for a $15 per-hour wage spurred both support and opposition to this demand. Here's a post by someone who thinks the economics simply don't work.

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fitzbim writes:

My wife manages a fast food restaurant and let me clue you in to something. Each time they get an invoice, ALL food items go up in price. In the course of the last year there has been about a 30% overall hike in food cost to the store. They have only raised prices to consumers by about 5% so that those people can still have a job. Her company still offers health care to their employees as well. The managers don't make what these people think they deserve in many cases and if they do make that $15 or more it's because they have been managing for 20 plus years.

These people have no clue how these stores are ran or how much it costs to run them. The company even went as far as restructuring the corporate staff, they now make less and there are less of them, so these people can still have a job to complain about.

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