Bryan Bedford.
Bryan Bedford.

Reader: Forget Frontier's CEO on Undercover Boss -- how about Undercover Passenger?

Some very entertaining comments have popped up on our post about Frontier Airlines' CEO Bryan Bedford nearly getting a shit shower on Undercover Boss.

But our favorite to date's gotta be the one from eCurmudgeon, who thinks Undercover Boss' format could be tweaked to make it even more terrifying.

Here's his take:

This long-time road warrior thinks that a far more entertaining show would be "Undercover Passenger". The idea is that various airline CEOs will fly on their airline as part of the economy-class cattle. Sit in the middle seat in the last row of the plane between two typically-overweight Americans with hygene issues and the full "screaming baby express" bit in the rows ahead. Get hit on the head a couple of times from oversize carry-ons stuffed into overhead compartments. Have the four-hour flight diverted due to bad weather and forced to spend another four hours on the ramp in Cheyenne, WY until weather clears while one of the seat-mates is suffering from a significant nicotine jones. Suffer gastrointestinal distress from attempting to eat the on-board food. You get the idea...

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