Reader: Fort Collins police shouldn't shove people, but their frustration is understandable

Our posts about a video showing a Fort Collins Police officer shoving a man in Old Town Square has generated plenty of comments, and not all of them back the person on the other end of the forearm shiver.

Here's an example from a Fort Collins business operator.

Gnu writes:

I also own a music venue in Fort Collins.... I'll say that I 'know' both of these cops, and they aren't that bad. They and others have helped us out of jams a bunch of times.

They all (cops) surely have a superiority complex, but this is one of the drunkest most annoying places I could imagine being a cop at. I don't think they should push, and they should probably be suspended for overuse of force, but, they shouldn't get fired or anything like that. I want to beat up drunk college kids all the time, so I can't really hold it against them forever....

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