Reader: Glamorizing Guns Turns Them Into a Toy -- Like a Barbie

Reader: Glamorizing Guns Turns Them Into a Toy -- Like a Barbie

Our post about a toddler who was shot by another child, age five, noted that the nine-year-old who gave the gun to the kid who pulled the trigger told investigators he learned how to ready a weapon from playing Black Ops. We asked folks on Facebook if it was fair to blame a video game for what happened. Many pointed instead to parents, adults or guardians, but a number of readers spread the responsibility around -- including this one.

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Ellie Ames writes:

Both are to blame. When you glamorize guns they become a toy just like Barbie. There has always been influence and there have always been accidents. The arrogance that some gun owners have because it's their right numbs them to the responsibility of owning a gun. Society as a whole has gone to shit!!!

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