Reader: Glendale needs to understand its target audience

"Fantasy Island," Melanie Asmar, August 1

Strip Search

Back in the 1970s, Glendale was the place to be. All the young kids moving into Denver wound up in cheap apartments in Glendale, and East Virginia Avenue was the center of nightlife. But things change. Just like East Hampden had its day, Glendale has came and gone, and the center of nightlife has moved on.

This riverwalk may be a neat idea to lure Denver singles back to Glendale for something besides strip clubs. Good luck.



Doug Hubka

Glendale does need some help luring people east from downtown, but the reality is it needs to understand who its target audience is. It has a far better chance of attracting people from Aurora than Denver, which is still in the midst of a boom throughout its varied parts. Heck, lure Aurora-ites and Thorntonites away from South Broadway. I'd love you to death, Glendale!

Neil Robertson
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"Free for All," Josiah Hesse, July 25

Dive, He Said

In the mid-1980s, I worked as a carpenter in the Denver area. On the weekends, I had a sales area at one of the local swap meets. The contractor I worked for lived on Evans Avenue, near the University of Denver. On my way to his house, I would drive through the alleys, looking for items to sell at the swap meet.

One morning, I noticed an electrical cord dangling from a dumpster. Inside the dumpster, I found several paper bags with tape around them. I ripped one open and found pieces of cloth, like those used to sew a quilt. I could feel a round object with some weight to it inside the cloth. To my delight, it was a mason jar filled with silver quarters. In the next bag was another jar filled with silver dimes. The other two bags held jars of buffalo nickels and wheat pennies. This find was not for the swap meet; I was headed to the coin collector, and I walked away with more than $300.

John Zullo

Westword on the Move

This may seem a little strange, but I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I will be moving to Denver from Illinois, and Westword has been a huge source of information and excitement for me. It's been such a positive presence for me during the craziness of the move. ("I'm not going to worry about the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing with this move, because as soon as I get to Denver I'm going to be ALL OVER the Denver music/theater/food scene!")

I'm sure a lot of transplants to Denver share this sentiment. Hopefully. Or else it is just my own coping mechanism in the face of change. Either way, I'm grateful.

It's crazy how reading about a delicious brunch at Table 6 makes me feel a little bit better about uprooting my entire life. But it totally does, so thanks for that.

Erika Weiss
Champaign, Illinois


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